The "Super Versatile" Business Jet

The Pilatus PC-24

The Pilatus PC-24

Private air travel is all about time and convenience, getting you where you need to be when you need to, without all the fuss in between. Business aircraft are known for getting into the smaller airports that the airlines cannot. This month we report on a revolutionary new business jet from Pilatus aircraft of Switzerland that is designed to go where no other comparable aircraft has gone before.

Made In Switzerland

Precision, practicality, ingenuity, and a knack for conquering seemingly insurmountable obstacles are hallmarks of the Swiss brand. Accordingly, Swiss aircraft manufacturer Pilatus have pushed the boundaries of the light jet with their take on the business aircraft, one that balances range with performance while also taking comfort to new levels.

Comfort To Rival Most Light Jets

Pilatus likes to call the PC-24 the first “super-versatile jet”, and one that defies traditional categories. If only for the sake of our review and broadly utilized industry terminology, we’ll call this a light jet. The PC-24 is in fact positioned somewhere between a light and a midsize in terms of overall comfort as evidenced by the 5 foot, 1 inch cabin height and 5 foot, 7 inch cabin width. For comparison most light jets have a cabin height of under 5 feet, and width right around 5 feet.

The spacious interior of the Pilatus PC-24

The spacious interior of the Pilatus PC-24

Typical cabin configurations are for 6 or 8 passengers in executive layout. The cabin can be quickly reconfigured to seat up to 10 passengers. In a non-charter arrangement the aircraft can actually accommodate 11 if flown by 1 pilot, for which the aircraft is certified. The cabin interior was designed by BMW Designworks, with emphasis on the passenger experience, from soft leathers and hardwood cabinetry to fine details on the finishings. There’s also a fully enclosed washroom and a refreshment center. While not a true-midsize jet, when you step into a PC-24 there’s definitely a feeling of spaciousness compared to other jets of similar size.

Source: Pilatus

Source: Pilatus

Plenty of Room To Pack What You Want

This in not the first foray into business aviation for Pilatus as their PC-12 single-engine turboprop has been a hot seller since the it was first introduced in the 1990s. The PC-12 shares a similar design philosophy with the PC-24. The PC-12 sports a large aft cargo door and an interior that can be configured several different ways including commercial and executive seating arrangements.

Pilatus took a similar approach to storage capacity when designing the PC-24 jet. With a cargo door measuring 4 feet, 1 inch by 4 feet, 3 inches there’s little that you can’t load into a PC-24 (the manufacturer’s marketing materials depict a motorbike in the cargo hold). Everything is accessible from the passenger cabin during flight.

At Home On Dirt, Gravel, And Even Grass

The PC-24 has been engineered to be “off-road” compatible from the beginning. Its outstanding short-field performance – even on unpaved runways – opens up an incredible level of mobility (source: Pilatus).

Another feature that makes this business aircraft unique is its ability to operate from paved as well as unpaved surfaces. An advanced wing design allows the aircraft to approach and land at much slower speeds than typical aircraft in its class (for pilots note that the PC-24’s stall speed is only 81 knots at maximum landing weight), enabling it get into and out of those short runways.

Range Capabilities

The PC-24 has modest range capabilities for an aircraft its size and typical of most light jets and even some midsize aircraft. With 4 passengers the aircraft can travel 2,165 miles, roughly the equivalent of New York to Phoenix, or Los Angeles to Toronto. With 8 people, the range is reduced to 1,723 miles or roughly Los Angeles to Chicago.

We really like this aircraft, but even the manufacturer calls it over-engineered. The PC-24 enters a crowded field with lower priced competitors from Cessna, Embraer, and now Bombardier’s recent tweaking of the Lear 75 Liberty. While boasting greater comfort than some of its rivals it remains to be seen whether the PC-24 will sell like the PC-12, or if it will remain a niche player. The aircraft has certainly created quite a buzz in the light jet field, and with its larger cabin may prove an interesting cross-over to those looking for greater comfort even for shorter flights.

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