Share A Flight

Lower Your Charter Cost.

Sell Surplus Seats on Your Charter, or Buy Seats On a Shared Flight.

Currently available for a private charter booked between two points in the United States. No membership fees involved.

Sellers: Plan Your Flight. We Take Care of The Rest.

Charter a flight with ELEVATE, and have us market your surplus seats. Decide how many seats you’d like to resell and the price per seat. We will refund you for the cost of each seat sold less our sales commission and an administration fee upon flight completion. Its as simple as that.

You’re In Control.

The original charterer maintains control over the flight details. Personal information remains protected from others.

Buyers: Join An Existing Flight

Want to get on board and save? Simply pay for the seats you need. Flights are subject to availability in the marketplace.

Everyone benefits

Sharing air charter gives you another way to experience private aviation at a price point that may be better suited to you.

As the number of flights offered in the market grows, more people will be able to fly, operators will profit and the industry will grow. ELEVATE has partnered with MemberJets to make this new way to fly a reality. Best of all, there are no membership fees to use this service!

Selling? How it works

Your flight will be listed on the market. Other air charter operators and brokers will be able to purchase seats on board on behalf of their clients. They will not see your personal details.

With the exception of the specific aircraft operator’s cancellation policies, you may have the right to cancel the flight outside of 10 days prior to the scheduled departure if no seats have been sold. Please note that participating in this program is in no way a guarantee that seats you offer to the market will be sold.

ELEVATE collects a 7% commission on each seat sold plus a $200.00 administration fee per seat sold. You are reimbursed for the sold seats following successful completion of the flight.


Must be an airport located in the United States.
Must be an airport located in the United States.
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Round trip- Date of return (if applicable)
Round trip- Date of return (if applicable)
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Shared charter Frequently Asked Questions.
MemberJets/Sky 380 Terms and Conditions.
MemberJets Passenger Code of Conduct.


Currently available flights: -None-
Sellers: Create a flight you’d like to share now using the form above or by contacting us.

Watch this space as we roll out this service throughout 2019.

Flights offered for sale in collaboration with MemberJets/Sky 380.

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Reservations are subject to availability and offered on a first-come, first-served basis. ELEVATE offers Public Charters for which MemberJets acts as principal in buying and reselling the air transportation. All flights are performed by FAA-licensed and DOT-registered air carriers. Prices quoted will be for a single seat on a shared flight. Flights operated through this program are MemberJets public charters operated by a DOT registered air carrier.

Flights booked by the original charterer must respect the aircraft operator’s flight cancellation and other policies.

Potential flight savings do not apply to any extra services you choose to add on to your trip including catering and ground transportation. Ancillary charges such as hangar or de-icing costs will be born by the primary charterer.

All flights are operated in compliance with United States Department of Transportation (DOT) Regulations, Part 380.

ELEVATE is an ARGUS Registered Charter Broker. The ARGUS Charter Broker Program diligently confirms our business activities, ensures that they adhere to industry best practices, and commits us to the utmost in safety and service-oriented operations.  Customers and aircraft operators can have the utmost confidence when doing business with ELEVATE. Learn more about ELEVATE here.