Shared Charter Flights Frequently Asked Questions 

How It Works

Q: How does this service differ from a private charter flight?
A: A shared charter is one where the primary charterer books the aircraft and then sells surplus seats to the public. The primary charterer maintains control over the flight details including origin and destination airports, departure times, and catering sourced for their personal use. By selling surplus seats the primary charterer’s flight cost may be reduced.

Individuals purchasing surplus seat capacity on board a shared charter flight have the opportunity to experience private charter at a much lower price-point than if they were chartering the entire aircraft themselves. Seats are sold individually and the price per seat includes all taxes.

As a broker ELEVATE can also accommodate any private air charter request. Get a private charter quote HERE.

Q: Where is this service offered?
A: Flights are available for sharing between two points in the United States and its territories.

Q: I’d like to share my flight and potentially recover some of my chartering costs. How do I do this?
A: Go to our Share A Charter page and complete the booking request. We will build a flight itinerary to meet your needs as if it were a private charter. You select the aircraft, dates, times, and other details. You have full control over the booking.

Once you’ve signed a charter agreement you determine the specific seats on board that are surplus to your needs. ELEVATE can help you determine the price of each seat that you wish to sell but the final decision is yours.

Your flight and the surplus seats are listed in the MemberJets marketplace. Your flight becomes a public charter managed by MemberJets, under US DOT Part 380 rules. More details on Part 380 are provided below.

When others purchase seats that you have made available the funds are held in escrow. Payments to you, the original charterer, usually occur 72 hours after the successful completion of the flight. ELEVATE retains a 7% sales commission and a $200.00 administrative fee on each seat successfully sold on your behalf. Payments are issued either via wire transfer or bank draft.

ELEVATE cannot guarantee that any seats offered for sale will be purchased. Please be mindful of this when selecting an aircraft and price-point for your flight. ELEVATE does not charge for this service. We only collect a commission and administrative fee if seats are sold.

Q: I see a flight that I’d like to join. How do I purchase a seat on board?
A: ELEVATE markets seats via You can contact us directly to purchase any number of available seats on board a shared charter flight. We can set up payment via secure means and you can use a major credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX.

Before your booking can be confirmed you must acknowledge reading, understanding, and agreeing to be bound by the Terms and Conditions including all provisions related to the shared air charter.

Q: Do these flights operate on a crowd-sourcing model?
A: No. These flights are not initiated on a conditional basis by individual consumers.

About the Team

Q: Who is behind this service?
A: ELEVATE offers Public Charters for which MemberJets acts as principal in buying and reselling the air transportation. All flights are performed by FAA-licensed and DOT-registered air carriers.

ELEVATE is a business to consumer (B2C) ARGUS Registered™ Air Charter Broker and an authorized agent of MemberJets for this service. With over 25 years of aviation industry experience, ELEVATE applies its expertise to create bespoke flying experiences for business and leisure travelers. The ARGUS Registered™ Charter Broker program diligently confirms all business activities, ensures that they adhere to industry best practices, and ensures that ELEVATE is committed to the utmost in safety and service-oriented operations.

MemberJets are a business to business (B2B) technology firm and DOT 14CFR Part 380 Indirect Air Carrier. MemberJets provide the technology platform enabling approved air charter brokers such as ELEVATE as well as approved direct air carriers (the aircraft operators) to actively engage in the sale and management of individual seats, publish routes and provide transparent pricing. MemberJets are the public charter operator for this service. When an individual or group elects to have ELEVATE resell their surplus seats on the market, MemberJets becomes the designated indirect air carrier regardless of the direct air carrier actually flying the aircraft. ELEVATE pays an administration fee to MemberJets for this service which we in turn collect from the primary charterer.

Pricing, Fees and Payments

Q: Do you charge a membership fee or an initiation fee for this service?
A: No!

Q: What is the price for a seat on this service?
A: Pricing will vary by flight and is a function of the size of the aircraft, the distance traveled and other factors. The original charterer will decide the price they wish to charge the public for each surplus seat. Pricing for specific shared flights is displayed at and is for a single seat, each way, on a shared flight.

Q: Are payments secure?
A: Yes. Transactions by credit card for purchased seats are secure and encrypted using industry standard PCI-compliant processing. Please read our full privacy policy HERE.

Rules and Regulations

Q: What is Part 380?
A: Part 380 of the The US Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations (14 CFR 380) governs the requirements for selling and operating public charter flights.

Q: What is a Public Charter?
A: Air transportation, whether scheduled or charter, may be sold by a licensed direct air carrier (aircraft operator), a licensed indirect air carrier (under DOT’s Part 380) or the authorized agent of either. A public charter flight is an on demand flight sold to the public through one of these means. For this service flights are arranged and sponsored by the public charter operator Memberjets, and are performed by a direct air carrier, the licensed aircraft operator. ELEVATE is an authorized agent of MemberJets.

Q: How am I protected?
A: The Air Charter Contract sets out rights and requirements for the public charter operator and participants. You are required to confirm having read the Air Charter Contract at time of booking which legally binds you to the terms and conditions set out for the flight.

Q: What if someone who has purchased seats on board decides to cancel?
A: That person may be entitled to a partial refund if they cancel their seat reservation(s). Cancellation rules up to 10 days prior to departure are more flexible but still come with penalties. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for full details. We encourage anyone who purchases seats on shared flights to consider purchasing trip cancellation insurance sold separately. One option is through

Q: Can the original charterer make changes or cancel a flight that they have already elected to share?
A: DOT Part 380 rules dictate that major changes cannot be made to a public charter on which seats have been sold less than 10 days prior to scheduled departure unless they are unplanned and related to weather or safety. Changes that can be made by the original charterer are subject to the Terms and Conditions signed by the original charterer.

Q: What is the pet policy?
A: If you wish to bring a pet or support animal on board you will require pre-approval from the primary charterer. Please contact prior to purchase. Your pet must remain in its carrier at all times during the flight. Customers will be responsible for any expense incurred due to pet accidents, odors, or aircraft damage.

Q: What is typical cabin etiquette for a shared charter?
A: Please be respectful of your fellow travelers on board. Remember that you are sharing an aircraft with strangers, including the use and enjoyment of complimentary on board amenities that are provisioned by the aircraft operator. All passengers are to abide by the Passenger Code of Conduct.

Q: How much baggage can I bring?
A: Baggage capacity will be limited and will depend on the size of the aircraft. The primary charterer will always have first rights to the baggage hold however there is almost always surplus capacity. Please contact ELEVATE to let us know what you would like to bring and we can help coordinate.

Q: Can I have a meal on board?
A: You can pre-order a meal for your flight. We require a minimum of 36 hours prior to departure for all catering orders. We can help you source catering for your flight beyond the complimentary offering. Please contact us at

Q: Is smoking or vaping permitted on board?
A: No. Smoking is prohibited at all times on all flights, including all tobacco products and the use of electronic cigarettes.

Q: What other policies are enforced on board these flights?
A: Weapons of any kind are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.
You are required to comply with all TSA regulations with respect to what you can and cannot bring on board an aircraft. For full details please consult

All passengers and their baggage are subject to inspection prior to flight.