5% Commission For Travel Professionals

Thank you for your interest in ELEVATE. We work closely with travel professionals to offer private air charter services that impress even the most discerning clientele.

You’re In Good Company.

We recognize the important role agents play in the air travel value equation. ELEVATE is a member of the National Business Aviation Association and the Canadian Business Aviation Association. When you arrange private air charter for your clients with ELEVATE, they’ll be more than pleased - and you’ll earn a high commission for your efforts. 

Your Clients Are In Good Hands.

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We conform to the latest US Department of Transport Part 295 Regulations for Air Charter Brokers. You can also trust ELEVATE to deliver on service and safety every time. We are among the few global air charter brokers that carry the industry’s most respected ARGUS status. As part of the ARGUS broker program ELEVATE carefully vets every aircraft operator. In turn, our business practices are closely scrutinized by ARGUS.

Add A Private Charter To An Existing Itinerary and WOW Your Clients

Wow your clients with an above-and-beyond, bespoke travel experience.

Book commercial part way and then charter with ELEVATE into that hard-to-reach airport for the final leg such as a remote ski resort, island, or inner city helipad. Or, charter the full trip - we’ll get your the best possible value and experience.

Get two or more parties together and they split the cost of the charter. You still earn full commission.

ELEVATE Offers Four Distinct Products:

  1. Traditional air charter (one client, one aircraft). ELEVATE sources an aircraft to fit your client’s needs and budget. You receive commission.

  2. Empty Leg air charter. Empty legs offer tremendous savings potential. We can negotiate steep discounts on aircraft that would otherwise be flying empty to position for a one-way trip. Identify an empty leg on our site or subscribe to our alerts. ELEVATE fulfills the request directly with the aircraft operator. ELEVATE pays you commission for each empty leg booked.

  3. Unique Experiences sold by the seat (currently available for the US domestic market only). ELEVATE sells individual seats on board unique shared flight experiences, such as our current Monaco Grand Prix Experience, and seasonal programs to Florida.

  4. Shared charter (currently available for the US domestic market only). A new way to charter for price-sensitive clients. Your client charters a flight with ELEVATE and you receive your commission. We list the flight on the market in order to find interested parties to share the cost. As the primary charterer your client maintains full control over the flight and decides which seats they’d like to sell as surplus. Proceeds from each seat sold are refunded back to your client less ELEVATE’s commission and the administrative fee. If no seats are sold the flight proceeds like a traditional charter.

How Does it Work?

  1. Register your agency below.

  2. Contact ELEVATE by filling out the charter request form here, or reach us by phone at 365-778-1188/ toll free at 1-833-353-1188. Identify yourself as a travel agent.

  3. We will work closely with you to source a private aircraft solution for your client. We can handle all on-board/ aircraft-related requests. We will package a few quotes so that your client has options to choose from. We can even customize the quote sheet to meet your corporate branding if you so choose- just let us know.

  4. When your client is ready to book we invoice and take payment directly from your agency.
    We accept wire transfers, bank drafts*, and major credit cards (subject to a convenience fee). *Bank drafts can be accepted if there is sufficient time prior to the trip. A bank draft will need to be sent to us by express post or courier. Please note that the aircraft cannot be secured until payment is received.

  5. You will receive a separate wire or check from ELEVATE for your commission once the transaction is finalized and the trip is completed.

  6. ELEVATE adheres to the highest business standards and will respect you and your client’s relationship. We will not separately solicit business from your client. We ask in return that you deal directly with ELEVATE for any aircraft transaction.

Cancellations are possible on most round-trip flights. Cancellation terms are subject to the aircraft owner/ operator’s terms specific to that trip. One-way trips are non-refundable once booked.

Your Benefit

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Note that pricing varies widely and is subject to numerous factors including size of aircraft, distance traveled, number of days the aircraft is held by the customer, taxes, and other factors.

These examples do not purport to represent all available options. ELEVATE offers charter globally.

With private air charter the possibilities are limitless.

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