The Benefits of Private Air Charter

Private aviation is a bespoke travel experience that transports you back to a time when flying was simpler. No more delays, lineups, security checkpoints or cramped waiting areas - this is air travel the way it was meant to be. Chartering a private jet eliminates this modern-day stress.

ELEVATE is experienced in handling a variety of needs. We work with businesses, incentive travel managers, meetings and corporate event planners, the entertainment industry, university and pro sports teams, community groups, families and individuals. We craft the right experience tailored to each customer.

Go Anywhere


Convenience. That local airport down the road from your home or business is your launching pad to the world. With access to thousands airports the airlines cannot serve, you can touch down closer to your final destination. Let us show you.

You Set The Schedule

Save time and add flexibility to your day. We understand that your time is money. When you book a private charter, you choose the departure time. The aircraft is waiting for you and it won't leave without you. You maximize your day, gaining back hours that would be wasted in a commercial airport.

Saves You Time On The Ground

Smaller airports are commonly free of congestion, so you'll take off faster and get to your destination sooner. And you'll never have to take off your shoes or submit to a body scanner.

And In The Air

Private aviation is faster and more reliable than any commercial airline. Private jets can often fly above inclement weather that will ground commercial aircraft, and are faster than commercial airliners. Private aircraft commonly fly at higher altitudes where airspace is less congested. This allows you to take a more direct route to your destination, saving you even more time.

Fly High In a Helicopter


Private charter is so much more than just planes - when you need a short hop out of or around town, a helicopter may be an option, providing even more access to otherwise hard-to-reach places.

Competitive On Cost

Chartering a private plane is more accessible than you may think. When you break down the cost of the aircraft by the seat, flying charter is surprisingly competitive. It's no wonder that groups often choose private charter as a travel solution. If time is money, chartering just makes ‘plane’ sense.

If you are flexible on your travel dates, you can save up to 75% off the cost of private charter. When a customer books a one-way flight, the plane is often empty flying the other direction. We can negotiate major savings that drive further value for you or your business. Contact us today!

Chartering with ELEVATE

When you charter through ELEVATE we search thousands of aircraft across hundreds of aircraft operators to ensure that you are getting the best value for money. ELEVATE is also ARGUS Registered, placing us in a unique globally recognized class of business aviation professionals that adhere to a strict code of conduct for safety and service. Put our experience and expertise to work for your next trip.

Change The Way You Fly


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