Private Jets Demystified: Myths and Facts of Chartering an Aircraft


Many people see private jets at airports and immediately conclude that they belong to the rich and famous. In actual fact, most private jets are owned by corporations or are chartered for business or leisure. They enable access to airports the airlines don’t serve, allowing businesses to conduct their affairs more effectively. One of the biggest myths of private air charter is that it is out of reach for the majority of people. Here, we dispel just some of the myths commonly associated with private charter.


Myth: You need to be as rich as (insert name of famous person here)

Fact: An hour trip in a private aircraft starts around $5,000 (this can vary widely by aircraft type). Since your are paying for the entire aircraft, and there are usually a minimum of 4-6 seats, you can do the math. While you will pay a little more than an unrestricted business class ticket, you can enjoy all the benefits that come with chartering a private plane. The time saved alone is money in your pocket.

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Myth: Private jets are not as safe as airlines.

Fact: Private aviation is regulated in much the same way as the commercial airlines. Private charters are still considered commercial flights, as the passengers are paying to use the aircraft, making these flights subject to very similar, if not the same rules. In most cases private jets are newer and are typically equipped with the latest technologies many commercial aircraft do not yet have.

Most of the operators that own aircraft have pristine safety records. They have to. Most of the fleet on the charter market is used by the owner and chartered when they are not using it, and owners demand high standards for maintenance and pilots. Businesses and corporations that rely on private aviation depend on it. At ELEVATE, we also add a level of due-diligence by checking key details to ensure all operators meet our stringent criteria for each flight.

Myth: Private jets are smaller, so they must be more unreliable than larger commercial aircraft

Fact: Unlike commercial airlines, private jets do not operate tight schedules with several back-to-back flights a day. Private jet itineraries are not bound by the need to inter-connect passengers at hubs. As a result, private jets are much less susceptible to delays and cancellations.

Private jets are more nimble, giving consumers more options. Private jets commonly fly at higher altitudes than commercial aircraft enabling them to get around or above weather that could cause the airlines major disruptions. And since private jets can operate from airports the commercial airlines cannot you’ll always have more options. At ELEVATE we add an extra layer of oversight by monitoring the weather closely before every flight. If issues are expected, alternative plans can be made quickly.

Myth: You still have to go through airport security to fly on a private jet

Fact: Private jets operate from separate facilities called “FBOs”, short for Fixed Base Operation, which is really just another term for “private terminal”. Here you will find not even the slightest hint of pre-board security screening but rather a relaxed and welcoming environment where you can sit back and enjoy complimentary amenities while you await your departure. Take off your shoes only to make yourself more comfortable. Enjoy a drink without ever being forced to surrender it.

Myth: It’s too much trouble to source and book a private jet

Fact: ELEVATE Aviation Solutions is plugged into the fleets of aircraft owners and operators worldwide. We can easily and quickly source a private aircraft for your next trip. We can help you meet a particular budget, or present a wider range of options when you are more flexible. We’ll present everything to you in a professional manner, and you can trust our expert advice to help you make an informed decision every time. Inquire Now!

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