The Citation M2: Advanced, Comfortable.

A great performer off of short and narrow runways.  Cessna photo.

A great performer off of short and narrow runways. Cessna photo.

The Citation M2 is classified as an entry-level, jet. It is the smallest member of Textron Aviation’s Cessna Citation lineup. Designed for short range flights of up to two and half hours, the M2 is a comfortable and cost-effective solution for up to 6 people when chartered. It also comes with an impressive array of technology for its size.

The first Cessna Citation business jet, the 5-seat Citation I (model 500) entered service in 1971. The concept of light twin-engine jet capable of operating from convenient smaller airports not served by the airlines was entirely new at the time. Several thousand light jets later, the Cessna Citation continues to lead the category. In the 1990s Cessna went back to the drawing board and introduced the new CitationJet ("CJ") lineup. The smallest member of this new family of light jets was initially called the CJ1. Following further development Cessna began marketing the M2 in 2013.

The original light Citation jets were distinguished by a "V-tail design", where the horizontal stabilizer is mounted near the base of the tail. The new Citation M2 (as well as its larger siblings the CJ2, CJ3, and CJ4) all have a T-tail, where the horizontal stabilizer is mounted at the top of the tail. The M2 was designed to be versatile. You won’t find a swept-back wing on the M2. Together with two Williams engines, it was built not so much for speed as to get into and out of short runways of little over 3,000 feet in length. Still, the aircraft manages a respectable 404 knots/ 465 miles per hour at maximum cruise.

The cabin of the Cessna Citation M2

The cabin of the Cessna Citation M2

In a typical charter configuration the M2 carries 5 passengers, with a single club layout of 4 seats plus a side facing seat behind the flight deck. This seat can be replaced with extra storage space or refreshment center. A belted lavatory seat is also standard, and becomes handy when you are 6 on a tight budget. The aircraft’s maximum range is just over 1,550 nautical miles/ 1,784 miles, about 100 nautical miles/ 115 miles better than the original CJ1 which the M2 replaces.

Looking out the uniquely-shaped Citation M2 window as we cruise comfortably above most commercial air traffic.

Looking out the uniquely-shaped Citation M2 window as we cruise comfortably above most commercial air traffic.

Despite the relatively small cabin size, you’ll be able to relax or work comfortably on the M2 with its large fold-out tables and 8 cabin windows that help provide a sense of spaciousness. There’s also an optional cabin management system which provides integrated entertainment, climate, and information controls at passenger fingertips. On a recent two and half hour flight we completely forgot that we were flying on a small cabin jet, and while traveling fast and high above most commercial traffic beat the airlines to our final destination by a good margin.

On the flight deck the M2 is no slouch. A high degree of automation and other technological advances assist pilots in keeping things as simple as possible (the aircraft is certified to be flown by a single pilot, but you will find two pilots when chartering). This includes a sophisticated flight management system with GPS technology, weather avoidance radar, Terrain Avoidance Warning System, Traffic Collision and Avoidance System, electronic flight charts and more. This is all packed into was is known as the Garmin® G3000™; an entirely digital flight deck consisting of three large screens that include Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT™) providing a clear, concise picture of where you are at all times.

For a list of specs on the M2, visit our Aircraft Guide.

5 U.S. Spa Resorts Worth Traveling To

The concept of ‘going on vacation’ means different things to different people. For many, it’s about cultivating an adventure or checking items off your bucket list - hiking Machu Picchu, walking along the Great Wall of China or snorkeling in Thailand, perhaps. For others, though, it’s a time to relax, recharge and unwind from the chaos of work and life. After all - when you work hard, it’s natural for your body and your mind to crave rest.

If you’re the type of person who wants to spend their vacation in the lap of luxury, we’ve got some ideas. Here are our recommendations for some of the best spa resorts in America. Please let us know if we can help you arrange private air transportation to any of these destinations.

Lake Austin Spa Resort (Austin, Texas)

Lake Austin Spa Resort offers an earthy, comfortable take on a luxury spa getaway. The resort is set on a beautiful, secluded lake amid a gorgeous Texan landscape. Just twenty minutes from the lively city of Austin, the spa provides luxurious accommodations, delicious meals, three pools, a full-service spa and a variety of fitness and wellness activities. Enjoy a long hike or lay out by the water - the choice is yours. There is also the option to paddle board or enjoy other water sports on site. To learn more, visit their website here.

The Ranch (Malibu, California)

The Ranch is known as a fitness resort because of its focus on health, exercise and nutrition. A favourite of celebrities looking to shed a few pounds before a big role or awards season, this resort offers amenities designed to improve one’s spiritual, physical and mental wellness. Your time here is decidedly about self-improvement rather than pure pampering or relaxation, but it also offers daily yoga practice and massage treatments. The Ranch is also offering a program in Italy later this year. Visit their website here to learn more.

Miraval Resort and Spa (Tucson, Arizona)

Miraval has several locations, including a well-reviewed spa in Austin and an upcoming addition to the Berkshires, Massachusetts. We recommend the Arizona location for their stunning landscape, incredible amenities and high end, modern accommodations. Visit for the day, get a suite or book a villa. In addition to amazing spa experiences, there are opportunities for meditation, yoga, hiking and even horseback riding. The resort encourages sustainable practices and creative living - two elements that are apparent in their approach. Learn more at

Sundara Inn and Spa (Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin)

Sundara is what you might picture when you imagine a weekend away at a modern spa resort - good food, an incredible full-service spa and beautiful rooms among a serene, forested landscape. Every corner is designed for relaxation and enjoyment. Bring a book, schedule a massage or spa treatment or walk along the meditation trail (there’s a hammock at the end, if you feel like a nap). A salt room offers detoxing halotherapy and there is a golf course on site, should you feel like a game. To learn more, visit their website here.

The Lodge (Hawley, Pennsylvania)

Nearest airport- Wilkes-Barre/ Scranton Intl.

Classic, elegant and endlessly relaxing, The Lodge at Woodloch is a small, private luxury spa resort. Visiting this resort is a bit like having your own private country estate - never a bad thing, if you ask us - and the spa itself offers great options and amenities. Enjoy indoor and outdoor water features, stunning views and comfort at every turn. There’s a fire pit to gather around in the evening and gorgeous grounds to explore. Unlike some spa resorts, wine and spirits are served alongside chef-prepared meals. You can learn more by visiting their website.

Contact ELEVATE to arrange your private flight to any of these incredible destinations or for additional travel recommendations.

7 New York City Restaurants That Should Be On Your Bucket List


Whether you grew up in the Hamptons, live in the Midwest or are West Coast born-and-raised, you’ve probably spent time in New York City. There’s a reason NYC attracts visitors from all over the world, from the sights of Central park to Broadway and The Met. It’s the city that never sleeps, and there’s always something spectacular to take in. Oh, and we hear the food is pretty good, too...

Here are seven of the best restaurants New York City has to offer - a curated bucket list for your distinguished palate. If you have additional recommendations, let us know in the comments on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We’re @elevatecharter

Le Bernadin (155 West 51st Street)

Le Bernadin is internationally acclaimed for its elegant seafood and renowned French chef Eric Ripert. The upscale destination has three Michelin stars and is consistently rated among the best restaurants in New York City, holding the record for the longest unbroken four star rating in the New York Times. Try the Almost Raw, Barely Touched and Lightly Cooked menu options featuring scallops, clams, fresh fish and other delights.

Cote Korean Steakhouse, (16 West 22nd Street)

Led by Executive Chef David Shim, Cote takes the classic American steakhouse and blends it with incredible Korean barbeque. They have a spectacular bar offering as well as many traditional and innovative dishes. Try the Butcher’s Feast of Prime and Wagyu beef served with delectable Korean accompaniments.

Momofuku (various addresses, New York)

The Momofuku brand is famous around the globe - and with good reason. New York is home to Momofuku’s Bang Bar, Kawi, Ko, Nishi, Peach Mart, and Saam bar as well as the signature Momofuku Noodle Bar. These options are more casual dining but well worth a visit. They’re also perfect for late night, should you find yourself out on the town.

Gramercy Tavern (42 East 20th Street)

A NYC staple since 1994, Gramercy Tavern offers contemporary American cuisine done with superb style. Owned by famed restaurateur Danny Meyer and led by Chef Michael Anthony, the tavern’s menu evolves with the seasons. Think high end and farm-fresh with warm hospitality. Gramercy Tavern has earned nine James Beard awards.

Daniel (60 East 65th Street)

Chef Daniel Boulud’s namesake restaurant offers award-winning contemporary French cuisine in a luxe, fine dining environment. Try the four course chef’s menu or dine a la carte. An extensive wine menu complements the four star chef’ menu. You’ll want to dress to impress.   

ABC Kitchen (35 East 18th Street)

A passion project by Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, ABC Kitchen is a quirky yet upscale organic dining experience set inside a retail space. The dining room pays attention to environmentally-friendly details such as compostable placemats and recycled paper menus. Fresh fish, local produce and delectable cuts of meat are given a pleasant rustic treatment with an urban twist.

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon (85 10th Avenue)

This is contemporary fine dining and French food at its best - classic dishes, rich desserts and plenty of wine, all in a modern upscale setting. Chef Robuchon has held 32 Michelin stars and is internationally recognized for his cuisine. A generous selection of vegetarian options complete this decadent menu. Bon appetit!

When you’re ready to jet off to NYC for an amazing week or weekend give us a call! Click here to get a quote on aircraft.

Bombardier's Global 7500 - The Lon(g) Ranger!

In one of our earlier blog posts we talked about Bombardier’s newest ultra long range business aircraft, the Global 7500. Now certified and in service the Global 7500 recently set a series of distance and speed records as part of a worldwide marketing tour. Check out this cool video of the aircraft from AINtv.

The Global 7500 is touted as the world’s largest and longest range business jet. It is capable of flying over 7,700 nautical miles (over 8,861 statute miles), with a top speed of Mach 0.925 (92.5% of the speed of sound).

The Falcon 900 Series

We feature popular aircraft available for private charter on a regular basis. For a complete directory please visit our extensive aircraft guide, at This month we go big with a look at French business aircraft manufacturer Dassault Aviation and their long-running Falcon 900 series.

With exceptional performance and greater comfort than many others in its class, the large cabin Falcon 900 is a treat to fly on. Its success has spurred development of even larger and longer range models.

Dassault Aviation traces its roots back to 1929. For three decades the aircraft manufacturer produced only military aircraft. Production of their first business aircraft, the Falcon 20, began in the early 1960s as a response to a French government request for a military liaison and trainer aircraft. The super-midsize Falcon 50, the first business tri-jet (meaning three-engines) was in service by 1980 and had the distinction of being one of the few mid-size business aircraft with trans-continental capabilities at the time.

The large cabin Falcon 900 is a development of the Falcon 50, retaining the unique tri-jet design with increased range of up to 4,750 nautical miles (over 5,400 miles). This enables the aircraft to operate at full capacity between Europe and major points in North America in both directions without a fuel stop. The Falcon 900’s range gives it an advantage over other large cabin business jets in its class.

Range is only part of the story behind this versatile business aircraft. With three-engine power and lightweight design, the Falcon 900 gets into and out of many airports with shorter runways that otherwise handcuff twin engine business jets in the same category. It even burns less fuel while doing so, roughly 40% less when compared to competitors.

Dassault Aviation photo

Dassault Aviation photo

The cabin of the Falcon 900 is quite comfortable, with a nearly 8 foot cross section, and over 6 foot high ceiling. A hallmark of the larger Falcons, there are 24 closely-spaced windows that help fill the cabin with abundant natural light. The aircraft seats between 12 and 14 passengers. Typical arrangements are a single club seating area up front, followed by a four-place conference seating area, and two divans at the rear (or one divan and additional single seats). The rear cabin section can be closed off creating additional privacy. Seats can convert to beds allowing the Falcon 900 to sleep 5. The galley on the Falcon 900 is slightly smaller than on some other large cabin business jets but gets the job done with hot and cold running water, a convection/microwave oven, ice drawer and stowage areas. A unique feature, cabin environmental and entertainment controls are located within each seat’s armrests, allowing passengers to seamlessly adjust settings from the comfort of their seat.

A comfortable ride high above the weather is ensured as the Falcon 900 can reach an altitude of 51,000 feet, well above the commercial traffic. The aircraft can also reach speeds of up to Mach .85, or 85% of the speed of sound.

There have been 5 variants of the Falcon 900 since inception in the mid 1980s. These include the 900EX which is a longer range version of the original model that entered service in the late 1990s, and the current in-production model since 2010 the 900LX.

Newer ultra long range aircraft models produced by Dassault include the Falcon 7x and 8x. These aircraft are themselves derivatives of the highly popular Falcon 900 series which has sold in excess of 500 aircraft to date.

Video credit: AINtv

What's In A Name?

From private air charter to shared flights, ELEVATE brings the latest technology and fresh ideas together to create experiences that wow our customers. Our aim: Grow the air charter market and introduce more people to the best way to fly! We’ll change the way you think of private aviation. That’s why we’re calling ourselves ELEVATE Innovation. Change the way you fly! We look forward to welcoming you aboard soon.

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Chartering For Families With Young Kids

Should I Charter a Private Plane if I Have Children?

Family on a jet.JPG

Traveling with young children can present unique challenges. Young kids aren’t known for being particularly quiet or patient, and the traditional commercial flight routine of long lines, significant wait times and small, contained spaces isn’t exactly kid-friendly. You could book first class tickets to give your family a little extra leg room, but that’s often frowned upon by other premium-paying passengers. Some airlines have been known to remove loud children or crying infants from the first class section of a plane, even when those seats were paid for - a choice that’s been earned mixed reviews from travelers.

Travel and Leisure magazine addressed this debate last year, with writer Cailey Rizzo commenting, “The issue of children in first class is a prickly one. Often, parents buy first class tickets to have more room with their child. However, other first class passengers are often paying premium to avoid the trials of the economy cabin, like sitting next to crying children.” There will certainly be varied opinions on the ethics and appropriate handling of this matter, but one thing is certain: as a young family, it’s a lot less stress to travel privately.

Here are some of the many ways private air travel benefits families with young children.

You can plan around your family’s schedule

Want an early morning flight or something that leaves right after naptime? You got it. Would you prefer to fly overnight so your kids will sleep en route? We can arrange for an evening flight and a comfortable aircraft that meets your needs. Some families request a bassinet or even proper beds, while those booking daytime flights may want a table for dining or playing games. Anything is possible, so tell us your needs or ask us for recommendations for your family.

More flexibility makes for happier kids (and parents)

With private flight, you don’t just choose the schedule - you select the food (yes your kids can have their favorite pasta dish any time they want it), the in-flight entertainment (bring your own dvds or choose something from the on board library), the amenities and the seating arrangement (among other things). Many aircraft allow your kids to move around the cabin throughout the flight, and some have common spaces with tables, couches or other comfortable areas to gather. Several private charter aircraft offer spacious private washrooms, fully-reclining seats or even full-size beds on-board the plane.

You’ll experience privacy instead of stress

In an ideal situation, your family will enjoy a quiet, peaceful flight on-board a luxurious, well-appointed private plane. That said, even if a baby or young child is fussy throughout the flight, you’ll have no one to answer to. Gone is the stress of managing your children’s noise level for the comfort of others - when you fly private, it’s all about your family.

Different Options For Tighter Budgets

For families looking to economize, consider mixing commercial flights and private charter. For example, perhaps you’re planning a family remote island getaway (e.g. Bahamas or Caribbean out islands). It may be convenient to travel by airline to a nearby hub, and then fly privately for the last hop directly to your vacation paradise. Almost every island has its own air strip, with most reachable only by private charter. Your kids will appreciate breaking the trip up so they can stretch their legs, and everyone will benefit from the convenience of landing close to your final destination.

Why not make family travel a dream instead of a nightmare? To get a private charter quote for your next trip, please contact us for a quote.

Monaco F1 Trackside Superyacht and Luxury Jet Experience

The 2019 F1 season is about to begin. If you’re someone who appreciates fast cars, luxury travel and one-of-a-kind, bucket list life experiences, we’ve got something for you. In partnership with My Yacht Group, ELEVATE is pleased to offer unique, immersive travel packages to the 77th Monaco Grand Prix taking place from May 23rd to 26th, 2019.

Get close to the action in Monaco and experience unparalleled luxury. Let ELEVATE take you there.

Get close to the action in Monaco and experience unparalleled luxury. Let ELEVATE take you there.

This sophisticated offering takes you to Monaco in style on one of our incredible jets. Travelers will then enjoy an unparalleled weekend of world-class F1 racing, parties, socializing and networking on board a private superyacht moored in a prime trackside berth on Quay Kennedy. Relax and enjoy luxury hospitality, fine foods and wine, champagne and open bar throughout, as the professional crew provides the highest level of service, you mix and mingle with like-minded company, and the cars whizz by only a few feet away!

In addition to the thrill of all the daytime racing action, guests will attend My Yacht’s 14th annual Friday night charity reception and party on board a 70 meter superyacht. This event is traditionally attended by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco as well as many celebrities and other distinguished guests of the Grand Prix weekend, including Olympians, Fortune 500 CEOs, astronauts, models, and more. The evening includes dancing, fine food, drinks, silent auction, and entertainment that lasts well into the night.


Given the yacht’s location ‘on the track’, daytime access to the yacht is via private, high-powered speedboats (up to 70mph!) that afford an incredible view of Monaco, the harbor, the Royal Palace, plus all the yachts at anchor in the bay. A spectacular view!

ELEVATE can facilitate all of your Monaco needs including access to officially ‘sold out’ hotel rooms, VIP reservations at restaurants and nightclubs, plus ground transportation in / around the Principality of Monaco. Whether you’re planning a couple’s getaway, a weekend with friends or the most incredible bachelor party ever, the Monaco F1 Trackside SuperYacht Experience is truly the height of luxury, whether you’re a race fan or not.

Travel with ELEVATE on board a Falcon 900EX jet, or allow us to arrange a private charter. We’ll work with you to find the ideal aircraft and create a seamless, stress-free experience from start to finish.

Monaco is a must-see for any world traveler and if the Grand Prix is on your bucket list, this is how to see it. May is only weeks away and the races are calling...will you be there?

Contact us by phone or email for pricing of this unique offering. Learn more here or click on the “inquire” link below.

INTRODUCING REGULAR SPECIALS- Luxury Flights Sold “Buy The Seat”.


You already know about our winter-long flights between New York and South Florida where you can fly in luxury and pay by the seat. Now you can also take advantage of similar offers between other cities year-round. Purchase individual seats on luxury private jets and save! No membership required.

Visit us frequently here at and click on “SPECIALS” from the menu bar.

Recent Specials:

March 10: Los Angeles (Van Nuys), CA to Maui.

March 14: Orange County, CA to Palm Beach, FL on board a Gulfstream V, $2,450 per seat all-in.

More great specials buy the seat, coming up. Check back regularly.

Reservations are subject to availability and offered on a first-come, first-served basis. ELEVATE offers Public Charters for which MemberJets acts as principal in buying and reselling the air transportation. The price displayed is for a single seat on a shared flight. Flights are MemberJets public charters operated by Prime Jet, an FAA-certificated air carrier.

The Time Machine

Challenger 300.jpg

Flying private allows you to go anywhere when you need to so you can get business done and be there for those who matter.

Watch our latest ad below! How will you use your time machine?

In this time-starved world, flying private saves you time. There are those times when it can be invaluable.

"Jet-Ski !" - 4 Ski Destinations That Are Worth the Trip


If you’re an avid skier or snowboarder living in North America, you’ve probably experienced the best of this part of the world: Alberta, British Columbia, Colorado, Vermont and the like. While places like Aspen, Telluride or Revelstoke make for a great vacation, there are some spectacular international ski destinations that are well worth the trip abroad. Here are five mountains you’ll have to see to believe.

Zinal, Switzerland

Even with an abundance of choice in the Swiss Alps, Zinal remains truly special. The resort lies amongst the up to 4000 metre high peaks of the Weisshorn, Bishorn, Zinalrothorn, Obergabelhorn, Matterhorn and Dent Blanche. The Zinal glacier provides opportunity for spectacular hiking and snowshoeing as well as ice-climbing on frozen waterfalls. Zinal’s village is charming yet more modern than many accomodations in the region, and historical charm still abounds. Visit a 17th century farmhouse and chalet, explore a centuries-old cheese cellar or travel into the mountain itself with a copper mine adventure. The food and drink is lovely, and the skiing is everything you’d dream of in a Swiss resort. Let ELEVATE arrange your flight into nearby Sion. Switzerland, under one hour away.

Niseko, Japan

Niseko calls itself ‘Japan’s best ski resort’ and very few would argue otherwise. It’s actually four resorts called Niseko United surrounding one shared mountain range known for its incredible powder. Niseko is visually stunning and offers a variety of ski terrains, from steeps to woods. The runs are long and scenic, and multiple resorts means a variety of housing options and amenities. There are accommodations suitable to couples, families and large groups, and plenty of additional activities like hiking, snowshoeing, snow-rafting and even reindeer sledding (yes, with genuine reindeer). The nearest airport is in Sapporo. Let ELEVATE take you there!

Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy

You can’t go wrong with a trip to Italy, but skiing Cortina in the dolomites is particularly magical. The region became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009 due to the mountains’ unique formation and exceptional beauty, including many lakes and waterfalls in addition to the famed mountainscape. The resort itself is stunning and offers a wide variety of shops, restaurants, outdoor activities, museums, historical sights and other attractions. There is a large natural park that makes for spectacular hiking or photography. Guests will love the resort’s three separate-but-joined ski areas, which are connected by a complimentary ski-bus requiring only one lift pass. ELEVATE can fly you into either Bolzano, Treviso, or Innsbruck.

Val d’Isère, France

Nestled in France's Upper Tarentaise Valley, Val d’Isère has three distinct sectors with different characteristics: high-altitude glacial zones, very steep couloirs and powder-filled bowls. This is a world-class resort with fantastic accommodations as well as interesting, challenging terrain for advanced skiers as well as gentler runs for beginner and intermediate guests. It’s as picturesque as you’d imagine the French Alps to be and offers excellent dining, shopping and nightlife. Val d’Isère also boasts many outdoor adventures and exceptional spa facilities. ELEVATE can arrange your flight into Chambery, France.

Ready to hit the slopes? If you’d like a quote on private air travel to these or other destinations, please contact us for a no obligation quote.

The Embraer Phenom 100

We feature popular aircraft available for private charter on a regular basis. For a complete directory please visit our extensive aircraft guide, at Following our look inside one of the industry’s timeless business aircraft, this month we turn our attention to one of the newer jets on the market and a reminder that big things often come in small packages.

The Embraer Phenom 100 is a little dynamo of sorts. Introduced in 2005 and first delivered three years later, Brazilian based Embraer recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of its first Phenom 100 delivery. 364 aircraft were delivered to the middle of 2018.

The Embraer Phenom 100.

The Embraer Phenom 100.

Hot almost straight out of the gate, more Phenom 100s were delivered than any other business aircraft two years after certification. That’s an impressive feat for a jet that seats just 4 passengers (5 with the belted lavatory seat, and up to 6 in a single-pilot operation). The Phenom was the first entry-level or “very light jet” to change perceptions that small jet = small cabin.

Approaching the Phenom 100 one is surprised by the size of what is after all a typically 4-seater aircraft.

Approaching the Phenom 100 one is surprised by the size of what is after all a typically 4-seater aircraft.

The short stubby design may have you fooled until you walk on board. The cabin height is an impressive 5.1 feet, the windows large to permit an abundance of natural light. The Phenom also features a fully private lavatory in the rear of the cabin with a rigid door. The cabin and seating arrangements were designed by BMW DesignworksUSA and feature large high-back chairs. A wardrobe is interchangeable with a refreshment center. There are separate climate zones for crew and passengers with personal air conditioning vents, and two power outlets. In back the aircraft’s baggage compartment can fit four sets of golf bags or two pairs of skis, four carry-on bags, four garment bags and four laptop bags.

Tall seats and an interior designed by BMW make the Phenom 100 quite comfortable overall.

Tall seats and an interior designed by BMW make the Phenom 100 quite comfortable overall.

Performance is naturally a compromise for a jet of this size. The aircraft can reach 41,000 feet, flying above most of the weather and air traffic. Range is limited at 1,356 miles (1,178 nautical miles) with 4 passengers, but then this is not an aircraft you’d want to sit in for more than a couple of hours anyhow. But since the aircraft can depart from airports with runways as short as 3,190 feet this jet can get you into and out of places most others cannot. Getting to 41,000 feet with 4 passengers typically takes around 30 minutes (the latest variant, the 100EV cuts that down to 25 minutes). The aircraft travels at 448 mph, or about 70% of the speed of sound (a typical commercial jet can do around 80% of the speed of sound, and larger business jets even faster). This reminds the passenger that for all of the Phenom’s passenger-friendly amenities and airport advantages it was never designed to be all things to all people.

Our recent flight in the Phenom 100 tested the aircraft’s range. We stopped for fuel enroute and cooled our heals while the brakes cooled for about 45 minutes. This is typical procedure for aircraft that do not have built-in thrust-reversers, a mechanism common to most larger jets that helps slow the aircraft on landing and take stress off the brakes. Newer variants have incorporated multifunction wing spoilers to help out some.

Still, the Phenom is an impressive little aircraft. We couldn’t get over the new plane smell (yes, similar to new car smell) and ergonomically designed cabin that was sufficiently quiet in flight. For short flights with up to 4 passengers we kept asking, why spend the money to go larger? But that’s an entirely different debate.

New York - Ft. Lauderdale By Luxury Jet. Pay by the Seat.


New York - Ft. Lauderdale In Comfort and Style

During March and April take off on board a luxury business jet between New York Teterboro (NJ) Airport and Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood Intl Airport. Flights operate up to 4 times weekly.

Luxury Charter Flights - Priced By The Seat

Save time. Be more productive or just relax. Stay connected. Enjoy a premium on board experience. Connect with like-minded travelers. Save money. With our new luxury flight offering you get many of the benefits of private air travel without the private charter price tag. Its one more option you have.

Imagine being able to fly in a large cabin business jet at a fraction of the cost of charter. This may be your opportunity to experience private aviation for the first time.

Top Notch Experience In The Air And On The Ground

On board a VIP-configured Gulfstream IV-SP jet*, end-to-end service features include:

  • Experienced on-board cabin attendant;

  • Complimentary snacks, soft drinks, beer and wine;

  • Complimentary in-flight WiFi;

  • Multiple outlets and USB charging station; and

  • Optional hot meal service

G IV SP interior 1.png

The Best Of Private Air Travel

All of the above come bundled with many of the benefits you would expect from private aviation. From private terminals and the absence of cumbersome security checkpoints, to the flexibility of arriving just minutes before your flight, let yourself be moved.

We Make It Easy

Best of all we offer this service with no membership fees or other up-front commitments. Purchase your seat now at Flights are available until the end of April.

Reservations are subject to availability and offered on a first-come, first-served basis. ELEVATE offers Public Charters for which MemberJets acts as principal in buying and reselling the air transportation. All flights are performed by FAA-licensed and DOT-registered air carriers. Prices displayed above are for a single seat on a shared flight. TEB – FLL flights are MemberJets public charters operated by Prime Jet.

*The public charter operator reserves the right to provide substitute aircraft when necessary.

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A Private Jet Experience Without Ever Leaving The Ground.

At ELEVATE we like to cover the latest high end travel trends. When we heard about The Private Suite at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), we knew we were on to something ground-breaking. To our knowledge this is the first of its kind in North America. The Private Suite is a luxury air “terminal” at one of the world’s busiest commercial airports. Its not an FBO, although customers can connect to and from private aircraft as needed, but rather an exclusive gateway into busy LAX. And if you use LAX and want to escape the chaos, be it only on occasion or as a frequent traveler, this may change the way you fly commercially.

The Private Suite

The Private Suite

The Private Suite is a sanctuary. Gone are the hassles of dealing with traffic, congested terminals, backed up security screening checkpoints, and long lines at customs. In fact The Private Suite is as far away from the passenger terminals as one can get and still be on airport property. Your reservation to use The Private Suite affords a complete experience, where you are well looked after from check-in to boarding. Be it a meal delivered from a favorite restaurant, a personal shopper, massage appointment, even a doctor available on call, The Private Suite will see to your every need. Those who choose to become members will find all of these services included. But perhaps the best part of the Private Suite Experience may be the ability to be simply left alone in peace and quiet if you so choose. And the staff are equally skilled in accommodating the latter.

Arriving international? Clearing customs never felt this good!

Arriving international? Clearing customs never felt this good!

If your travels originate from LAX you are given directions to their discrete location. Leaving your own vehicle? The Private Suite will take great care in looking after it while you are away. Connecting from another flight? The Private Suite will meet you at the door of the aircraft and escort you down to the ramp for a short drive to their secure facility in a BMW 7 Series no less. When your connecting flight is preparing to board staff will escort you through private TSA screening (you really are the only one in the room) and then to an awaiting vehicle for the short drive to your next flight. When arriving internationally staff bring you to their dedicated private US Customs facility (again you are the only one in the room). A team of no less than 8 people oversee the experience for each guest or group to ensure your time at LAX is smooth and efficient.

Each suite comes with a fully stocked pantry,

Each suite comes with a fully stocked pantry,

Inside your Private Suite you can relax in total comfort with amenities that will impress even the most discerning traveler. The typical suite will accommodate between 2 and 4 adults, however there are larger rooms for groups including meeting facilities. There is plenty of lounging space in each suite, and a day bed with privacy curtain. A separate shower spa is always available to freshen up.

..The Private Suite for kids

..The Private Suite for kids

Each suite has a fully-stocked fridge and more snacking options than you can imagine. Families are well looked after. Young children will be overwhelmed by the variety of sweets to the point of melt down, but don’t worry the sound proofing ensures that your neighbors won’t hear them. You are also just steps from an outdoor children’s play area. Extra touches include complimentary books, toys and games to keep kids occupied.

The well appointed bathroom in each suite features an array of high end toiletries in such variety and quantity that you will be immediately reminded of something you’d forgotten at home. Everything in the suite is yours to consume or take away complementary (except the furniture!)

All of this luxury and convenience comes at a price of course. A membership is not required to use the facility, however. We encourage you to visit their website for more information, and take a video tour.

Images courtesy The Private Suite, except outdoor play area.

December Aircraft Highlight - The Hawker 800

Each month we feature another popular aircraft available for private charter. For a complete directory please visit our extensive aircraft guide, at

The Hawker family of private jets, headed by the Hawker 800, have a proven track record for reliability, range and comfort that spans more than five decades. When production ended in 2013 over 1,700 aircraft (including earlier models) had been produced. Hawker 800s remain highly popular private aircraft and many have been upgraded with the latest technology to increase their longevity. Owners, operators and customers alike agree that the Hawker 800 delivers tremendous value for money when compared to other aircraft in their class.

Hawker 800.  Hawker Beechcraft photo

Hawker 800. Hawker Beechcraft photo

The Hawker 800 is a mid-size, medium-range business aircraft. The world’s longest-running business jet production program, its predecessor, the Hawker Siddeley 125, was designed and built in the UK beginning in the early 1960s when British designs lead the civil aircraft industry. The HS 125 was built in great numbers until the mid to late 1990s when production was assumed by Beechcraft-Hawker in the US. By then the aircraft was known as the British Aerospace 125.

Hawker 850XP

Hawker 850XP

The Hawker 850XP features a redesigned interior

The Hawker 850XP features a redesigned interior

The HS-125 -800 model and subsequent variants were produced between 1983 and 2013. The -800 features an increased wingspan, a visibly streamlined nosecone, increased fuel capacity, and upgraded engines. It was the first business aircraft to incorporate an electronic flight instrument system (EFIS) which replaces traditional gauges in the flight deck with flat panel displays. In 1995 the -800XP variant was introduced with more powerful engines, increased range, and a new cockpit technologies. Models built from 2006 onward became known as the -850XP and feature fuel saving/ range improving winglets as well as other enhancements. Many earlier model 800s have also since been upgraded with winglets to improve their performance. Built tough, a little known fact about the Hawker 800 series include its distinction as the only business aircraft currently approved to land on both gravel and grass runways.

As an older design the venerable Hawker 800 may not have the widest or most comfortable mid-size jet cabin but it competes favorably with the largest of the Learjets, the Lear 60, and Gulfstream’s G-150. The Hawker will also charter out at lower average hourly rates than these jets, and still be capable of transcontinental range depending on the winds. The aircraft’s design and performance allow it to operate full off of shorter runways even in warmer weather when other aircraft take penalties. The last upgrade to the Hawker 800 was offered as the Hawker 900 prior to the end of production.

Beechcraft Hawker 850XP.png

Beechcraft Hawker 800XPR, 900XP / 850XP

Passengers (typical): 8
Cabin Height: 5.8 ft
Cabin Width: 6.0 ft
Cabin Length: 21.3 ft
Baggage total: 50 cu ft
Average Cruising Speed: 427 KTAS / 410 KTAS
Max Cruising Altitude: 41,000 ft
Full Passenger Range: Up to 2,733 NM
Lavatory: Yes
Galley: Yes

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How Do I Charter a Private Jet?

At ELEVATE we are connected directly to the global charter marketplace and can help match your travel needs with the right aircraft to fit your budget. We can tailor the entire experience for you including ground transportation and in-flight catering. If productivity, time, speed, convenience, flexibility, service and comfort are among the factors that really matter to you then ELEVATE is your opportunity to change the way you fly.


ELEVATE Aviation Solutions creates bespoke flying experiences for its business and leisure customers. Clients deal directly with an ELEVATE charter director: a licensed pilot with decades of experience in commercial aviation and private air charter. We deal only with top-rated aircraft operators that meet our stringent standards for safety, training, and maintenance. As an ARGUS Registered Charter Broker we are bound to industry best practices, and are committed to the utmost in safety and service-oriented operations.  Book Now.

Flying Private- Demystifying The Options


Private air charter continues to grow and spawn new market segments. We get asked regularly about developments in private aviation including the emergence of membership-based charter options. These programs may offer access to a specific fleet of aircraft not otherwise available to others, the ability to pay by the seat, and/or the ability to share private charter flights with others in order to reduce cost. Which one is right for you?

Fractional Ownership

Through fractional ownership multiple owners share the costs of purchasing and operating an aircraft. Shares usually start at around 50 hours annually, and owners are guaranteed access either to a specific or similar aircraft in the operators fleet including privileges to upgrade or downgrade to other types depending on their need. Fractional owners pay a fixed hourly rate when flying on-board the aircraft. They also pay a monthly maintenance fee for aircraft upkeep, expenses to hangar the aircraft, pay pilot salaries and training costs. Users that make many one-way trips per year may find fractional ownership beneficial. Programs start well into the six figure range for a minimum share of a light jet, with monthly management fees around five figures.

Jet Cards

Jet cards are a popular option for those flying in excess of 25 hours per year. Dating back to the late 1990s they are in essence the original form of private jet membership program. Up front investment depends on the number of hours budgeted for private air travel per year but few cards are offered below the $50,000 level. Think of them as a form of prepaid private air travel where the user banks hours that can be cashed in on demand. They can offer some advantages such as no aircraft positioning fees and bonus time for your up-front expenditure.

How much you save will very much depend on the program you select and your particular travel habits. In many cases you may be locked into one specific fleet size with little flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your aircraft to suit a specific trip without incurring additional costs. There may also be premiums on peak period travel such as during major holidays or sporting events when demand is highest. It may be difficult to use your card when you want it most without depleting your investment faster than intended. And you should remember that while you may benefit from a fixed hourly rate for a charter in most cases you will still be charged for other trip expenses including fuel surcharges, international fees, cleaning and provisioning expenses, hangar charges and more. The wide number of programs of this type (there are hundreds) requires some homework.

Private Jet Clubs

In the last few years a handful of new membership-based programs have emerged that aim to lower some of the barriers to private jet travel while appealing to a younger demographic. In most cases these programs start with a membership fee and an initiation fee which unlocks access to a fleet of aircraft. Membership costs can range from $10,000-$20,000 per year but also depend on available promotions. Hourly charter rates are then added on by usage. Aircraft may be chartered by the hour or in some cases shared with other members. High end perks range from discounted luxury accommodations to access to member-exclusive events.

Some of these clubs provide a shuttle-like product between major cities, using third party lift and charging by the seat. In theory the cost per person to fly on a private aircraft can be cheaper this way. Are the purported savings readily available? Its all about risk vs reward. Shared flights are initiated by members who need to purchase a minimum number of seats in order to confirm a flight. We found with few exceptions the minimum number of seats required to initiate a shared flight to be more than the cost of a retail charter flight between the two points in question. While a shared charter option could enable you to sell back unused seats to others, you need to ask yourself if you are willing to take on all of the risk up front. In practice a customer with a low risk profile would have to wait for someone else to launch the flight on the day (and time) you’d want to travel.

Other member-based models charter by the aircraft in a more traditional sense on a simplified fleet of one or two aircraft types at fixed hourly rates. This enables users to determine charter costs more easily. In practice we found rates on these closed fleets to be more costly on a per hour basis, and in some cases as much as 40 percent higher than on similar or identical aircraft on the open market. The challenge for these new business models is offering a one (or two) size fits all solution, controlling marketing expenditures and in some cases offsetting the high contractual rates paid to aircraft operators in order to guarantee availability to members. And if the fleet is particularly new then members are paying a premium to fly in them.

Chartering With ELEVATE

Ad-hoc charter offers a tremendous amount of flexibility and arguably greater savings for those who fly less than 25 hours per year. A straight charter allows users to fly where and when they want by selecting the most suitable aircraft. No capital outlays are required up front. There are no membership fees. You simply pay as you go. Hourly charter rates begin around $2,000 for turbo-prop aircraft and from $3,000 for a light jet. A broker such as ELEVATE is well positioned to find the best aircraft and price, and will manage all aspects of your trip to ensure a perfect experience. An experienced broker like ELEVATE will help you save money by sourcing locally based aircraft in order to avoid costly positioning fees, and by ensuring you don't pay more for an aircraft you don't need. As an ARGUS Registered Broker ELEVATE works to the highest standards of service and safety. You can count on our decades of experience and top of the line service culture.

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A Mile of Runway..

A Mile of Runway 1.png

A Mile of Road Will Take You a Mile. A Mile of Runway Will Take You Anywhere - Anonymous

There is no better way to go where you want when you want to, than by flying privately. Yet the words private flying tend to conjure up images of fancy jets decked out with every conceivable amenity, sumptuous meals and bottles of free alcohol. While the private flight experience can certainly be tailored to this experience, private aviation is so much more to so many people.

So Many Ways To Experience It

An important business trip with colleagues, a weekend fishing trip with friends, a fast escape from the city to the cottage with family, and getting sports team to their next game, private flying encompasses a large part of the aviation world. Further, the cost of a trip by private charter need not cost you half of your annual salary (or more!) when we help you choose the aircraft you can afford, and group charters can be quite affordable when broken down by the seat. A jet is most suited to long trips of 2 hours or more, while single engine propeller driven aircraft are popular choices for short trips out of town. Smaller aircraft can get into places much larger types cannot. Starting at only a few hundred dollars an entire aircraft small single engine aircraft open up destinations you might otherwise have thought unreachable. Favorite lake? A visit to family that would otherwise take hours by car?

ELEVATE’s expertise extends to all facets of private aviation, a term we use to commonly describe all publicly available passenger travel not carried by airlines.

In A Class All By Itself

One of the most common misconceptions about flying in general is that all passenger-carrying aircraft operate from the same terminal buildings as commercial airliners, and land and depart from the same airports. In actual fact private aircraft don’t require terminal buildings and they don’t need to use busy commercial airports. There are so many more airports from which privately chartered aircraft may operate. Smaller airports ring the busiest cities and small towns. In some cases smaller “general aviation” airports, as they are called, are even more conveniently located closer to business and tourism areas than the major airports. Freed from the burdensome security procedures we’ve all come to know when traveling, customers who’ve opted to fly privately may simply drive up to their aircraft and be on their way in minutes. Private charterers travel on their own schedule, in a plane of their choosing. They save time and hassle. And if you can afford to do so, private air charter can take you places far away not served by the airlines, from private islands in warmer climates, to observing the Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights) from a unique vantage point.

Your Local Airport Is A Launching Pad

Those small airports in your neighborhood, some of which you may not even be aware exist, play an even greater role than just catering to private fliers. They are often vital to the communities they serve, generating jobs and helping to propel regional economies. They may serve freight forwarders, police services, and aerial surveyors, enable life-saving medical transport and forest-fire fighting, to name but a few uses. They are commonly the first place young pilots earn their wings before going on to fly the big jets around the world. A mile of runway can take you.. your community, and your career, anywhere.

In upcoming articles will feature some of the more interesting places private aviation can take you. Be sure to check out our regular features.

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Why Charter?

How Do I Charter a Private Aircraft?

At ELEVATE we are connected directly to the global charter marketplace and can help match your travel needs with the right aircraft to fit your budget. We can tailor the entire experience for you including ground transportation and in-flight catering. If productivity, time, speed, convenience, flexibility, service and comfort are among the factors that really matter to you then ELEVATE is your opportunity to change the way you fly.

Who We Are

ELEVATE Aviation Solutions creates bespoke flying experiences for both business and leisure customers. Clients deal directly with an ELEVATE charter director: a licensed pilot with decades of experience in commercial aviation and private air charter. We are among the few brokers registered by ARGUS, the globally recognized leader in operational safety and risk management solutions for private aviation. We deal only with top-rated aircraft operators that meet our stringent standards for safety, training, and maintenance.

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Five Benefits Of Chartering A Private Jet From ELEVATE

Whether you are new to private air charter or a seasoned pro there are many benefits from working with ELEVATE.


#1. We are industry professionals.

We know the aircraft, the operating rules, and many facets of safety and service that escape many people. Businesses and corporations, sports teams, not-for-profits and community groups, families and individuals all have unique needs. We work with you or your organization closely. We explain every facet of the charter cost and point out other elements related to your trip.

ELEVATE has been in aviation for over a quarter century working behind the scenes at airports and airlines. You can trust our expertise and advice every time.

#2 We take your safety and comfort very seriously.

As an independent firm we vet every operator through impartial companies whose expertise is specifically safety. That means we go over and above what regulatory authorities expect of an aircraft operator. The bottom line for ELEVATE is that we’d never put you on an aircraft which we’d not put ourselves or our families on!

ELEVATE is one of an elite group of industry air charter brokers that are Registered or Certified by ARGUS, the globally recognized leader in operational safety and risk management solutions for private aviation. The ARGUS Charter Broker Program diligently confirms our business activities, ensures that they adhere to industry best practices, and commits us to the utmost in safety and service-oriented operations.

#3. We have access to thousands of aircraft and to other services which other firms do not traditionally offer.

ELEVATE uses the latest industry tools to source aircraft from literally thousands of aircraft worldwide. At ELEVATE we represent hundreds of operators. We have also partnered with other small travel firms to provide access to hotel accommodations if so desired and can arrange ground transportation. We offer a seamless end to end product. Let us do all of the heavy lifting.

#4. We offer free educational resources.

Got a question? Email us or check out our informative online blogs that cover a number of topics on private aviation. We are also happy to chat by phone without obligation. One of our primary aims is to inform. For those who may be new to all of this we want to help demystify the process in hopes that you may opt to charter one day. This is a win-win for everyone including our partner aircraft operators. This is all a part of the service culture at the foundation of ELEVATE.

#5. You benefit from a team approach supporting your trip.

Two heads are often better than one. The operator flying your trip has an expert crew and operational support system behind them. When you book with ELEVATE we go over and above the minimum required by regulatory authorities. Private flying is a bespoke product. The service we provide does not end with an exchange of funds prior to your flight. We keep you updated and look out for things you might not have thought of prior to, during, and post trip. What is the weather going to be like during the course of your journey? Will any of this affect your travel plans or your overall comfort? What are the road conditions like getting to the airport and should you allow more time? Did you remember your passport? Do you have any specific catering needs? Do you have any other special requests we should know of? Are there any individuals who need to be kept informed of itinerary updates? Think of us as your personal assistant through all phases of your journey. We have your back.

How Do I Charter a Private Aircraft?

The process is easier than you'd imagine. At ELEVATE we are connected directly to the global charter marketplace and can help match your travel needs with the right aircraft to fit your budget. We can tailor the entire experience for you including ground transportation and in-flight catering. If productivity, time, speed, convenience, flexibility, service and comfort are among the factors that really matter to you then ELEVATE is your opportunity to change the way you fly.

Who We Are

ELEVATE Aviation Solutions creates bespoke flying experiences for both business and leisure customers. Clients deal directly with an ELEVATE charter director: a licensed pilot with decades of experience in commercial aviation and private air charter. We are among the few brokers registered by ARGUS, the globally recognized leader in operational safety and risk management solutions for private aviation. We deal only with top-rated aircraft operators that meet our stringent standards for safety, training, and maintenance.

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TAKE FLIGHT With ELEVATE. Save Up To 75% With An Empty Leg.

Every day hundreds of private jets criss-cross the sky empty. They're on there way to pick up customers who've booked one-way flights, or are returning to their home base. These empty leg flights are an incredible opportunity to book the aircraft at a significant discount. And most empty legs permit a degree of flexibility allowing you to change the airport of origin or destination within a given geographic area. We can help you create a customized itinerary.

Flying private means the freedom to go anywhere.

Flying private means the freedom to go anywhere.

ELEVATE now offers a live feed to these great deals. If you’re flexible with your travel plans, you will find significant savings. As the winter approaches you will find opportunities to and from warm weather destinations such as The Bahamas, The Caribbean and Florida.

Imagine yourself on a private jet with none of the hassles of modern-day commercial air travel. When you fly private, you truly are taking flight. Visit our empty leg page to access the current list of available one-way flights. Subscribe to our alerts and receive customized empty leg flight information right to your inbox.

New to private jet travel? Do some quick math. Take the cost of an empty leg and divide it by the number of travelers in your party. Now think of the added value and the time saved. No more passenger terminals, security checkpoints, flight delays or travel stress. Empty legs are the perfect way to discover private jet travel.