Chartering For Families With Young Kids

Should I Charter a Private Plane if I Have Children?

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Traveling with young children can present unique challenges. Young kids aren’t known for being particularly quiet or patient, and the traditional commercial flight routine of long lines, significant wait times and small, contained spaces isn’t exactly kid-friendly. You could book first class tickets to give your family a little extra leg room, but that’s often frowned upon by other premium-paying passengers. Some airlines have been known to remove loud children or crying infants from the first class section of a plane, even when those seats were paid for - a choice that’s been earned mixed reviews from travelers.

Travel and Leisure magazine addressed this debate last year, with writer Cailey Rizzo commenting, “The issue of children in first class is a prickly one. Often, parents buy first class tickets to have more room with their child. However, other first class passengers are often paying premium to avoid the trials of the economy cabin, like sitting next to crying children.” There will certainly be varied opinions on the ethics and appropriate handling of this matter, but one thing is certain: as a young family, it’s a lot less stress to travel privately.

Here are some of the many ways private air travel benefits families with young children.

You can plan around your family’s schedule

Want an early morning flight or something that leaves right after naptime? You got it. Would you prefer to fly overnight so your kids will sleep en route? We can arrange for an evening flight and a comfortable aircraft that meets your needs. Some families request a bassinet or even proper beds, while those booking daytime flights may want a table for dining or playing games. Anything is possible, so tell us your needs or ask us for recommendations for your family.

More flexibility makes for happier kids (and parents)

With private flight, you don’t just choose the schedule - you select the food (yes your kids can have their favorite pasta dish any time they want it), the in-flight entertainment (bring your own dvds or choose something from the on board library), the amenities and the seating arrangement (among other things). Many aircraft allow your kids to move around the cabin throughout the flight, and some have common spaces with tables, couches or other comfortable areas to gather. Several private charter aircraft offer spacious private washrooms, fully-reclining seats or even full-size beds on-board the plane.

You’ll experience privacy instead of stress

In an ideal situation, your family will enjoy a quiet, peaceful flight on-board a luxurious, well-appointed private plane. That said, even if a baby or young child is fussy throughout the flight, you’ll have no one to answer to. Gone is the stress of managing your children’s noise level for the comfort of others - when you fly private, it’s all about your family.

Different Options For Tighter Budgets

For families looking to economize, consider mixing commercial flights and private charter. For example, perhaps you’re planning a family remote island getaway (e.g. Bahamas or Caribbean out islands). It may be convenient to travel by airline to a nearby hub, and then fly privately for the last hop directly to your vacation paradise. Almost every island has its own air strip, with most reachable only by private charter. Your kids will appreciate breaking the trip up so they can stretch their legs, and everyone will benefit from the convenience of landing close to your final destination.

Why not make family travel a dream instead of a nightmare? To get a private charter quote for your next trip, please contact us for a quote.