More Reasons To Entrust Your Next Private Air Charter to ELEVATE

ELEVATE is Fully DOT Compliant With 3d Party Oversight by ARGUS.

New rules governing air charter brokers came into effect earlier in 2019. ELEVATE was already full compliant.

New rules governing air charter brokers came into effect earlier in 2019. ELEVATE was already full compliant.

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We are private air charter experts.

At ELEVATE, we pride ourselves on responding to your immediate needs, offering expert advice and service, and for being thorough as we direct each trip with the utmost professionalism. We are also fully compliant with new U.S. federal regulations governing private air charter - in fact, we met these new regulations before they were officially implemented on February 14th, 2019.

Earlier this year, the US Department of Transportation published 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 295, regulating the air charter broker industry in the United States for the first time. That said, ELEVATE Innovation has been Part 295 compliant from the first day we began operations - meaning, we saw the need for transparency and included it in our process before it was legally required. We chose to bring in an independent third party, ARGUS International, to make sure we follow the rules and operate at an exceptional level. ARGUS is well known to the business aviation community for their operational safety audits and also provides oversight of ELEVATE’s business practices.

What is Part 295?

The DOT has published rules to protect aircraft operators and consumers from unsafe and unscrupulous business practices. For example, a customer should know who the final air carrier operating their flight is - otherwise, it would be unfair and deceptive. Customers should also be entitled  to a refund if a broker does not provide the charter customer with “required” or “upon request” disclosures, such as proof of liability insurance.

Our Obligations

According to the DOT, here’s what we need to be doing for you , the customer, for each charter that we arrange:

  • Tell you that we are acting as your agent in the charter transaction

  • Disclose the name and any “doing-business-as” of the actual aircraft operator

  • Provide information on the level of insurance coverage you can expect

Additional Communication With You, The Customer

Although the DOT makes the following disclosures voluntary ELEVATE will always disclose to you the following:

  • Any relationships that we may have with an air carrier/aircraft operator that has a bearing on the selection of the carrier to operate your flight, and

  • The total cost of the charter, including taxes and fees, and any fees you the customer will be responsible for paying directly to third parties (e.g., fuel, landing, hanger, etc.) - Note that in most cases ELEVATE will explain and collect these fees on your behalf in our interest of providing the best service possible

We’ll also do our utmost to communicate any unforeseen or potential charges your trip may incur ahead of time. These could include aircraft de-icing and hangar fees, and on the day of flight any additional flight time charges caused by air traffic control re-routing, or en-route weather.

Our Partnership With ARGUS Helps Ensure We Meet And Exceed The Standards

Since the US Government does not maintain a registry of air charter brokers like ELEVATE, we chose to use a third party industry partner, ARGUS International, to validate our business practices and hold us to a high standard.  We use and regularly update a procedures manual, similar to checklists used by pilots, to ensure that we are following DOT rules.

Click here to see our live compliance status with ARGUS.

We are also a member of the National Business Aviation Association and diligently adhere to their policies and best practices, as well as being a member of the Canadian Business Aviation Association.

ELEVATE has elected to follow stringent US laws and guidelines for all of our business activities, both in the US and abroad.

You can trust our more than 25 years of aviation experience, and fly confidently knowing that we and our industry partners have your back. Once you get to know us, we hope you’ll keep coming back. ELEVATE your flying experience today!