Business Aviation Works!

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Biz Av Works.

While we spend a lot of time talking about where you can go and how you can get there, it’s important to be reminded of the fundamentals. Most private aircraft are owned by businesses and chartered out for use when available. Studies consistently show that companies large and small benefit from business aircraft. You don’t have to be a frequent user, either. There will be times where it just makes sense.

Business Aircraft Are Time Machines.

Recent studies undertaken in the US show that business aviation helps even small and medium-size firms access communities with little or no air service, ensure schedule flexibility and predictability and increase employee productivity.

Did you know?

- 75% of passengers aboard business aircraft are actually non-executive employees? They are often sent in teams to a destination because it's the most cost-effective means of rapid transportation (NBAA).

-Business aircraft promote productivity. Passengers on business aircraft report that they spend an average of 63% of their time working, compared to 42% when traveling commercially (Harris).

-A recent study of S&P Small Cap 600 firms that use business aviation financially outperform those that do not. These firms are better insulated from a recession, provide better customer access and returning value to shareholders (NEXA Advisors).

ELEVATE has access to over 10,000 private aircraft globally.

At ELEVATE Innovation we provide access to the tools that help people and businesses soar. We are ARGUS Registered for the utmost in service and safety oversight. From our interactive web tools to round-the-clock trip support you can trust over 25 years of aviation experience and expertise. You don't have to own aircraft to reap the benefits of business aviation. Contact us for a quote!