TAKE FLIGHT With ELEVATE. Save Up To 75% With An Empty Leg.

Every day hundreds of private jets criss-cross the sky empty. They're on there way to pick up customers who've booked one-way flights, or are returning to their home base. These empty leg flights are an incredible opportunity to book the aircraft at a significant discount. And most empty legs permit a degree of flexibility allowing you to change the airport of origin or destination within a given geographic area. We can help you create a customized itinerary.

Flying private means the freedom to go anywhere.

Flying private means the freedom to go anywhere.

ELEVATE now offers a live feed to these great deals. If you’re flexible with your travel plans, you will find significant savings. As the winter approaches you will find opportunities to and from warm weather destinations such as The Bahamas, The Caribbean and Florida.

Imagine yourself on a private jet with none of the hassles of modern-day commercial air travel. When you fly private, you truly are taking flight. Visit our empty leg page to access the current list of available one-way flights. Subscribe to our alerts and receive customized empty leg flight information right to your inbox.

New to private jet travel? Do some quick math. Take the cost of an empty leg and divide it by the number of travelers in your party. Now think of the added value and the time saved. No more passenger terminals, security checkpoints, flight delays or travel stress. Empty legs are the perfect way to discover private jet travel.