Five Benefits Of Chartering A Private Jet From ELEVATE

Whether you are new to private air charter or a seasoned pro there are many benefits from working with ELEVATE.


#1. We are industry professionals.

We know the aircraft, the operating rules, and many facets of safety and service that escape many people. Businesses and corporations, sports teams, not-for-profits and community groups, families and individuals all have unique needs. We work with you or your organization closely. We explain every facet of the charter cost and point out other elements related to your trip.

ELEVATE has been in aviation for over a quarter century working behind the scenes at airports and airlines. You can trust our expertise and advice every time.

#2 We take your safety and comfort very seriously.

As an independent firm we vet every operator through impartial companies whose expertise is specifically safety. That means we go over and above what regulatory authorities expect of an aircraft operator. The bottom line for ELEVATE is that we’d never put you on an aircraft which we’d not put ourselves or our families on!

ELEVATE is one of an elite group of industry air charter brokers that are Registered or Certified by ARGUS, the globally recognized leader in operational safety and risk management solutions for private aviation. The ARGUS Charter Broker Program diligently confirms our business activities, ensures that they adhere to industry best practices, and commits us to the utmost in safety and service-oriented operations.

#3. We have access to thousands of aircraft and to other services which other firms do not traditionally offer.

ELEVATE uses the latest industry tools to source aircraft from literally thousands of aircraft worldwide. At ELEVATE we represent hundreds of operators. We have also partnered with other small travel firms to provide access to hotel accommodations if so desired and can arrange ground transportation. We offer a seamless end to end product. Let us do all of the heavy lifting.

#4. We offer free educational resources.

Got a question? Email us or check out our informative online blogs that cover a number of topics on private aviation. We are also happy to chat by phone without obligation. One of our primary aims is to inform. For those who may be new to all of this we want to help demystify the process in hopes that you may opt to charter one day. This is a win-win for everyone including our partner aircraft operators. This is all a part of the service culture at the foundation of ELEVATE.

#5. You benefit from a team approach supporting your trip.

Two heads are often better than one. The operator flying your trip has an expert crew and operational support system behind them. When you book with ELEVATE we go over and above the minimum required by regulatory authorities. Private flying is a bespoke product. The service we provide does not end with an exchange of funds prior to your flight. We keep you updated and look out for things you might not have thought of prior to, during, and post trip. What is the weather going to be like during the course of your journey? Will any of this affect your travel plans or your overall comfort? What are the road conditions like getting to the airport and should you allow more time? Did you remember your passport? Do you have any specific catering needs? Do you have any other special requests we should know of? Are there any individuals who need to be kept informed of itinerary updates? Think of us as your personal assistant through all phases of your journey. We have your back.

How Do I Charter a Private Aircraft?

The process is easier than you'd imagine. At ELEVATE we are connected directly to the global charter marketplace and can help match your travel needs with the right aircraft to fit your budget. We can tailor the entire experience for you including ground transportation and in-flight catering. If productivity, time, speed, convenience, flexibility, service and comfort are among the factors that really matter to you then ELEVATE is your opportunity to change the way you fly.

Who We Are

ELEVATE Aviation Solutions creates bespoke flying experiences for both business and leisure customers. Clients deal directly with an ELEVATE charter director: a licensed pilot with decades of experience in commercial aviation and private air charter. We are among the few brokers registered by ARGUS, the globally recognized leader in operational safety and risk management solutions for private aviation. We deal only with top-rated aircraft operators that meet our stringent standards for safety, training, and maintenance.

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