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A Mile of Road Will Take You a Mile. A Mile of Runway Will Take You Anywhere - Anonymous

There is no better way to go where you want when you want to, than by flying privately. Yet the words private flying tend to conjure up images of fancy jets decked out with every conceivable amenity, sumptuous meals and bottles of free alcohol. While the private flight experience can certainly be tailored to this experience, private aviation is so much more to so many people.

So Many Ways To Experience It

An important business trip with colleagues, a weekend fishing trip with friends, a fast escape from the city to the cottage with family, and getting sports team to their next game, private flying encompasses a large part of the aviation world. Further, the cost of a trip by private charter need not cost you half of your annual salary (or more!) when we help you choose the aircraft you can afford, and group charters can be quite affordable when broken down by the seat. A jet is most suited to long trips of 2 hours or more, while single engine propeller driven aircraft are popular choices for short trips out of town. Smaller aircraft can get into places much larger types cannot. Starting at only a few hundred dollars an entire aircraft small single engine aircraft open up destinations you might otherwise have thought unreachable. Favorite lake? A visit to family that would otherwise take hours by car?

ELEVATE’s expertise extends to all facets of private aviation, a term we use to commonly describe all publicly available passenger travel not carried by airlines.

In A Class All By Itself

One of the most common misconceptions about flying in general is that all passenger-carrying aircraft operate from the same terminal buildings as commercial airliners, and land and depart from the same airports. In actual fact private aircraft don’t require terminal buildings and they don’t need to use busy commercial airports. There are so many more airports from which privately chartered aircraft may operate. Smaller airports ring the busiest cities and small towns. In some cases smaller “general aviation” airports, as they are called, are even more conveniently located closer to business and tourism areas than the major airports. Freed from the burdensome security procedures we’ve all come to know when traveling, customers who’ve opted to fly privately may simply drive up to their aircraft and be on their way in minutes. Private charterers travel on their own schedule, in a plane of their choosing. They save time and hassle. And if you can afford to do so, private air charter can take you places far away not served by the airlines, from private islands in warmer climates, to observing the Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights) from a unique vantage point.

Your Local Airport Is A Launching Pad

Those small airports in your neighborhood, some of which you may not even be aware exist, play an even greater role than just catering to private fliers. They are often vital to the communities they serve, generating jobs and helping to propel regional economies. They may serve freight forwarders, police services, and aerial surveyors, enable life-saving medical transport and forest-fire fighting, to name but a few uses. They are commonly the first place young pilots earn their wings before going on to fly the big jets around the world. A mile of runway can take you.. your community, and your career, anywhere.

In upcoming articles will feature some of the more interesting places private aviation can take you. Be sure to check out our regular features.

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At ELEVATE we are connected directly to the global charter marketplace and can help match your travel needs with the right aircraft to fit your budget. We can tailor the entire experience for you including ground transportation and in-flight catering. If productivity, time, speed, convenience, flexibility, service and comfort are among the factors that really matter to you then ELEVATE is your opportunity to change the way you fly.

Who We Are

ELEVATE Aviation Solutions creates bespoke flying experiences for both business and leisure customers. Clients deal directly with an ELEVATE charter director: a licensed pilot with decades of experience in commercial aviation and private air charter. We are among the few brokers registered by ARGUS, the globally recognized leader in operational safety and risk management solutions for private aviation. We deal only with top-rated aircraft operators that meet our stringent standards for safety, training, and maintenance.

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