Why Would I Want to Charter a Private Aircraft?


We're beginning a series this week that paints a complete picture of the private charter experience. First up, you'll want to know if this is for you.

Myths and misconceptions of private air travel abound. Images in print, on social media and on TV are often powerful and can easily distort. There's a common belief that private aircraft are only for the most affluent who desire luxury above all else. While there are certainly some who can afford the use of a private aircraft on a regular basis for leisure, in actual fact most private aircraft are owned by businesses, are used for business purposes, and are chartered out only when not in use. The term "business aviation" is more commonly used to describe private air travel.

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Commercial Air Travel's Challenges

If you've flown over the last several decades you may have noticed that commercial air travel has become increasingly challenging for the consumer. We continue to witness:

  • A steady decline in service

  • Longer lines

  • Security bottlenecks

  • Increasingly cramped cabins, and

  • More delays throughout the system

To be fair, more people can afford to fly commercially than ever before. Some airlines are trying hard to chart a path around the many obstacles faced by the system. Not all airlines are created equal. One may even pay to upgrade to business or first class for a better experience overall.

Despite their best efforts the terminals and the skies are increasingly crowded, and many airlines struggle to deliver on their brand promise. In an effort to trim costs some airlines have reduced their schedule. The number of communities served by scheduled air service has been on the decline in North America for decades. These locations increasingly rely on private aviation.

The Private Aircraft Charter Advantage


Private aviation enables you to bypass almost all of the inconveniences common to commercial air travel today. Private aircraft are used primarily by individuals and organizations that want efficiency and where time is important. A private aircraft is a productivity tool, allowing those who fly on them to get more done in more places in a day than if they were dependent upon the airlines list of destinations and schedules. 

Aside from productivity, there are many other benefits that might influence one's decision to fly private, including:

  • Convenience- fly from more airports

  • Flexibility- you set the times, the aircraft will wait for you

  • Service- amenities you need while traveling that the airlines cannot offer

  • Privacy- to conduct business or important discussions

You might choose to charter a private aircraft for these reasons:

  • A destination you can't easily get to

  • A special business deal that needs to be closed

  • A major family gathering requiring the coordination of travel plans for a large group

  • A sick relative who is no longer as mobile

  • A special vacation- where chartering allows you to get the most out of your trip

  • A group event that, upon further examination of the costs, just makes sense

Chartering a Private Aircraft: More Options Than Ever Before

The number of private aircraft has increased as emerging technologies enable new aircraft types while also creating efficiencies in how they are operated and managed. More of these aircraft are becoming available for charter. Private aircraft come in several sizes.  A large cabin jet will be comfortable for long journeys. A smaller turboprop or twin piston-engine aircraft may be suitably comfortable, cost less, and is particularly effective when flying into small, harder to reach places. No matter the type of aircraft, the benefits derived from chartering are similar. We'll address this more in future blogs.

How Do I Charter a Private Jet?

At ELEVATE we are connected directly to the global charter marketplace and can help match your travel needs with the right aircraft to fit your budget. We can tailor the entire experience for you including ground transportation and in-flight catering. If productivity, time, speed, convenience, flexibility, service and comfort are among the factors that really matter to you then ELEVATE is your opportunity to change the way you fly.

Who We Are

ELEVATE Aviation Solutions creates bespoke flying experiences for both business and leisure customers. Clients deal directly with an ELEVATE charter director: a licensed pilot with decades of experience in commercial aviation and private air charter. We are among the few brokers registered by ARGUS, the globally recognized leader in operational safety and risk management solutions for private aviation. We deal only with top-rated aircraft operators that meet our stringent standards for safety, training, and maintenance.

Book now at www.private-jet.ca.


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